About - Grommets Leathercraft

Custom Leatherwork

Grommet's leathercraft started in 2006 as a custom leather service that I offered to customers of Grommet's Cutlery & Gifts in the Moreno Valley mall. In 2014, we officially launched our etsy page as Grommet's Leathercraft and have continued to expand, now inhabiting our own workshop with 2 full time leather-smiths and a part time apprentice.

Grommets leathercraft is a full service custom leather shop that specializes in custom leather goods and kydex sheaths. We got our start at renaissance faires, so we are well acquainted to armor, pouches, and sword related stuff. We are under the Grommets Cutlery & Gifts banner, so we are also very familiar with leather and kydex knife sheaths. Obviously, we make the standard leather items; Belts, wallets, bags, holsters, etc. But we pride ourselves on being able to bring to life anything our customers can imagine.

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