Gallery - Grommets Leathercraft


A few selections of past custom creations.

An assortment of custom pocket slips, in many different sizes.

A custom wallet made for a retired hockey player, made out of leather reclaimed from his old gloves.

A custom axe sheath with firesteel loop, and snap loop for his tinder rope.

A custom kydex sheath for a TOPS cut 4.0 with a custom leather panel for 45 degree carry.

A set of wonder woman armor, custom fitted, painted, and distressed.

A custom elven themed back rig for a matched pair of elven knives. Styled after a quiver suspension, it features a 3 point harness and laser engraved elven vines and words.

A custom Dwarf themed ranger baldric with laser engraving a custom made buckles.

A happy customer showing off her custom Haunted Mansion themed bag.

A custom rapier belt, suede lined with initial cutouts and custom made hardware.

A custom set of wax hardened leather Japanese armor being worn at combatcon 2019.

A custom mount designed to hold 3 sheaths at once either on your belt or pack.

A custom pauldron with brass plates and gold painted decorative leather spikes.

A cross-draw belt sheath for a Chris Reeve Sebenza 21.

A custom shoulder holster inspired by the one in Uncharted.

A massive bison leather knife roll, built to fit 20 knives. Same basic design as our standard knife roll, only much larger.

A custom frontier saddlebag with a stitched suede lobster overlay and nautical rope border on the flap.

Custom gold and black bazuband/greaves set.

A custom purse made with light brown bison, with special copper metallic mosaic leather pouches with antique copper hardware.

A custom viking baldric, with knotwork stamping, and custom bronze buckle and belt tip.

A custom orc polearm, with leather-wrapped shaft, shoulder strap, and edge covers.

A "Wasteland" pair of our style 3 shoulders with unfinished edges, mismatched rivets instead of stitching, wingnuts and bolts instead of Chicago screws, and acid washed antiqued buckles.

A custom leather edge guard for a Dwarven tomahawk.

A custom Kydex sheath for a Fallkniven A1.

A custom Drop leg holster for a 1911, with blue stitching and integrated magazine pouch.

A custom dayplanner made with burgundy floral embossed cowhide with black vegtan interior.

A piggyback set of kydex sheaths for a fisherman's filet knife and pliers.

Our Ranger baldric, Ranger quiver, Ranger swordbelt, and Gondorian vambraces being put to good use in the woods.

A custom integrated swordbelt with custom celtic buckle and tip.

Custom artwork tooled onto the scout strap of a kydex hidden canyon hunter sheath.

A custom blue rapier belt with black frog straps and steel hardware.

A custom notebook cover made from light brown bison hide.

A custom tooled guitar strap.

A custom purse, themed to the recipients favorite princess.

A custom quiver, modeled after the one used by Strider in the Lord of the Rings.

Blue leather wrapped grip with a matching scabbard and integrated swordbelt on a custom longsword.

Custom red stitching on a hidden canyon hunter scout sheath.

A custom silver leather guitar strap with lightning bolt cutouts revealing the black under layer.

A custom sheath for an Ontario marine raider bowie in black leather with red stitching.

A custom pair of sandals, designed by a young lady, handmade by me.

Big Jake, the ghost dog resident of the Haunted Mansion in Disneyland, sporting his collar and leash handmade by me.

A pair of kydex sheaths for a pair of Shun chef knives.

A pair of orange kydex sheaths for the Benchmade Nestucca cleaver, with natural leather scout straps.

A wooden shield, covered in leather, with the white tree of Gondor tooled onto the front.

A ranger baldric customized with pineapple design and floral motif.

A custom holster and gun belt for a SASS member.

A custom made belt sheath for a custom bowie knife.

Our ranger torso armor paired with our style 3 shoulder armor. Wax impregnated to increase protection.

A custom Faramir jerkin. The entire jerkin is hand stitched, the white tree is branded into the front by hand, and then filled in silver.

A tool pouch designed by a customer, and made by me. Made to hold the tools he uses most, in a way that's convenient and comfortable.

A custom scabbard and belt for a customers Longclaw. The sword is custom made, and therefore would not fit in the official scabbard.

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