For heavier leather used in sheaths, holsters, and protective gear, we have 5 standard leather colors. Our standard leather colors are Black, Dark Brown, Light Brown, Burgundy, and Natural. 

Many other colors are available, so you're not limited to these 5 colors, though there may be an upcharge for custom dyed projects. 

Here are some examples of custom dyed projects we've done in the past:

A hot pink leather shoulder holster

A blue rapier belt

Dark green overlay on some body armor

A purple, pink, and yellow purse

Lighter weight leather such as Suede, pigskin, and bison have many other color options, so feel free to message us for details on what is available. 


Our standard kydex colors are Black, OD Green, Chocolate Brown, Coyote Tan, Gunmetal Gray, Venom Green, Safety Orange, Hot pink, Blood Red, Police Blue, Safety Yellow, and Clear 

There are a few non standard colors for kydex available such as a few options in camoflague patterned: 

A camo pattern kydex sheath

as well as carbon fiber patterned:

A KEYDEX made with carbon fiber patterned kydex

Many options are available. Message us for details.